Premium Spotting Scope
Premium Spotting Scope
Premium Spotting Scope
Premium Spotting Scope

Premium Spotting Scope

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The spotting scope is constructed to provide you with an accurate and clear view. It boasts a large diameter of 70 mm and multi-magnification (from 25 to 75 times), thus making this device perfect for multi-purpose observation. This unique high-end device allows focusing on the smallest detail no matter how high of a zoom you use and ensures the best possible image quality.

 It’s suitable for any scene and can be used in any season or weather. The spotting scope is waterproof (it boasts an IPX7 rate) and can even be fully submerged in water. Plus, the implementation of the anti-fog technology ensures that a rapid change in temperature or humidity won’t cause fogging.

Multiple features make the use of this spotting scope super pleasurable and convenient. Quick focus allows catching every detail without missing out on anything. The lens boasts multiple coats, thus keeping it free from scratches and reflections. The zooming range of this device is incredible and, combined with the amazing quality of the image, it ensures a crystal clear view of distant objects. Plus, you can pair the scope with your phone or camera in a matter of seconds. Use this versatile tool for a variety of tasks like stargazing, birdwatching, hunting and much more!


Quick View Focus – With a focal length of 700 m, the outdoor spotting spectrum can be quickly defined and centered on objects. If you choose to see the moon at a distance or the trees across the lane, outdoor space will make you drive easily.

Large Aperture – The display distance is 76 mm, which allows to provide more light and better pictures. The that the aperture, the that the field of view, and the clearer the image.

Easy Setup – Our spotting kit comes with a full collection of paper and video implementation guides. Don’t think about any deployment problems. That is the strongest method of spotting, mainly because it can be set up without any additional equipment.


Magnification: 25-75X
Objective lens diameter: 70mm
Eyepiece diameter: 15mm
Waterproof: Yes